Internals and Externals of Corporate PR

I’m almost at the midpoint of my second week. The time is flying by even though I’m working long hours because my bosses have found tasks for me which are both challenging and enjoyable.

It’s worth noting that I’m doing corporate public relations – not as glamorous as other aspects of the field, to be sure, but it’s fulfilling in its own way. The thing about corporate PR is that your fellow employees are just as important as any exterior connection.

Finding unique ways to boost employee morale is a big part of your job and any event planning skills that you may have will definitely come in handy. Here are some employee engagement projects that I’ve been working on:

  • Researching motivational speakers. Finding big name personalities to come in and talk to employees can be a big morale booster. As I learned, though, the bigger names come with an equivalent price tag (think right around $100K or higher plus other requirements) – so if you get a chance to hear one of these speakers without having to pay through the nose, consider yourself lucky.
  • Logistical prep for employee appreciation events. My division is hosting employee appreciation nights at two minor league ballgames next month, and I’ve been involved so far with putting together informational flyers and updating paperwork. When the events actually happen, I’ll be on-site coordinating volunteers and helping things run smoothly. I might even get to watch some baseball.
  • Veterans’ Day commemoration. Part of OATK’s revenue comes from defense contracts, and quite a few of its employees – myself included – are veterans. Since I have experience with these kinds of things, I’ve been tasked with coming up with some kind of commemoration for Veterans’ Day – even though my internship will be over by the time it rolls around.
  • Employee newsletter. I get to review and edit articles for next month’s employee newsletter, and I’ll also be contributing an article about my experiences as an intern.

While keeping my work family happy is a big part of my job, I also have more traditional public relations tasks to take care of.

  • Press releases. I’ve been given one to work on so far for an event that will happen right as I’m headed out the door. There’s a lengthy review and approval process, though, so it’s good that I’m getting this done now.
  • Press interactions. I won’t have a lot of hands-on involvement in this, mainly shadowing to see how it works, but I’m getting to see the process of how clients are prepared for interviews and how a PR professional interacts with members of the press leading up to an interview.
  • Social media planning. We have a big trade show coming up next month and I’ll be traveling along to help out at the booth as well as providing live social media coverage. You can’t anticipate everything that you’ll cover on social media at these kinds of things, but you do want to have a plan of what you intend to do.
  • Content curation. My supervisor heard me mention that I like to keep up on all of the latest space news, so I’ve been given the job of curating content for one of the Twitter feeds that we work with. I’m basically getting paid to scour the Internet for reputable and interesting news concerning deep space exploration, which is something I did as a hobby anyway leading up to this internship.

All of this is what I’ve got going on at this early stage of the job. It’s exhausting, but I love what I’m doing and therefore it’s worth it. I also know how lucky I am to be working in a job that I love, even if it’s just temporary. Not everyone has that luxury.


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