The Everyday Amazing

I’m trying to keep my posts at least semi-professional in tone… but…

Y’ALL. Today was freakin’ unbelievable!

I didn’t mention today’s exact plans in yesterday’s post because I had a feeling that I’d need some room to wax rhapsodic. So what happened today that was so great? Two of our staff gave an interview for a local podcast today and I got to be a fly on the wall just to see how the whole process goes. The topic was space exploration in general and, more specifically, Orbital ATK’s role in developing the Launch Abort Motor for the Orion crew capsule – and I’ll tell you what, my heart is full.

I won’t go into specific details of what was discussed out of professional courtesy. With that in mind, keep an ear out for the space episode of Out Standing in a Field, the science and environment podcast from Leia Larsen and Benjamin Zack of Ogden’s Standard-Examiner. Hopefully they’ll put this out soon so that all of you can get to hear the same amazing stuff that I did.

You’ll get to hear Erica Sandoval, the team engineer lead for launch abort motor manufacturing, talk about her work. Erica also had some wonderful words of encouragement for anyone wanting to pursue study in a STEM field. Kent Rominger (OATK’s Vice President of Strategic Programs, if memory serves) gave his general perspective about space exploration – which he’s well-qualified to do, having flown on five Space Shuttle missions. He was also the Chief of the Astronaut Office during the Columbia disaster and if I get the chance, I would love to pick his brain on how he was able to handle that. He’s a busy guy, though, so I doubt that’d ever happen.

So yeah. I got to listen to a brilliant engineer talk about rocket motors, and I met an astronaut. No big deal.

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