Not dead, just resting

I know it’s been a little bit dead around here for the past few weeks, and that’s on me. Most of the time has been taken up with planning for and carrying out the two employee appreciation events that we’ve had lined up for Propulsion Systems. Those were the two minor-league baseball games, in case anyone’s been keeping track. I was the company photographer for the Ogden Raptors ballgame. It was my first time doing crowd photography, and I’d like to think that I did pretty well. I’ll share just one photo from that event.

Photo: Shelby Miksch/Orbital ATK

Another cool thing that’s happened in the interim is that I got to take a tour of the Bacchus Plant! I got to see a lot of interesting stuff while I was there, but since a lot of it is proprietary, I can’t go into it here. Let’s just say that I got walked through the production cycle of some of the signature products made at the plant and keep it at that. After the tour, a bunch of interns got a catered lunch and listened to Flight Systems Group President Scott Lehr talk about his career. We also got some prime work advice. A lot of it was aimed at students who are a lot younger than me who are just starting out in the workforce, but even so, it was good for me to hear.

Last but not least, I got to work at my first trade show! I supported the Orion/SLS industry team at our booth in the NASA Pavilion at EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. AirVenture is one of the biggest airshows in the world and I got to see so many amazing things while working there that it deserves its own post – which I’ll probably get to tomorrow, because I just got back in from Wisconsin today and I’m pooped. But it was great.

So yeah. Stay tuned for a post about last week’s adventure at AirVenture – along with some good photos.

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