The Wild World of Social Media Management

One of the projects I’ve been given during my internship is the task of managing some of our affiliate social media accounts. It’s been pretty good for the most part. There are a few facepalm-worthy trends, though:

  1. Vaguely smartass questions that could be answered by reading the article that you’re commenting on.
  2. Talking smack about one of your company’s big contracts when you have your corporate affiliation prominently listed in your Twitter bio.

The first one is just garden-level obnoxiousness that’s easily ignored. The second? There’s really not a word to describe how dumb that is. Or maybe there is – it’s probably a long compound word in German or Russian that I haven’t learned yet. Anyway.

Here’s a basic rule of thumb for you that’s painfully obvious but apparently bears repeating: If it’s something you wouldn’t want your boss or a hiring manager to read, don’t post it on social media where it can be easily found.

If you’re in the US and reading this, don’t @ me about free speech. Yes, you can say whatever the hell you want to, but the First Amendment doesn’t protect you from the consequences if it ventures into the realm of libel or slander. So if you must vent, do yourself a big favor and stay away from Twitter or Facebook or whatever your platform of choice happens to be. It isn’t worth making yourself look like an idiot and possibly making it difficult for you to land or keep a job.

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