Internals and Externals of Corporate PR

I’m almost at the midpoint of my second week. The time is flying by even though I’m working long hours because my bosses have found tasks for me which are both challenging and enjoyable.

It’s worth noting that I’m doing corporate public relations – not as glamorous as other aspects of the field, to be sure, but it’s fulfilling in its own way. The thing about corporate PR is that your fellow employees are just as important as any exterior connection.

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How I Got Here

I’ll admit that I was kind of daunted when I took a look at my degree requirements and saw that an internship was highly recommended. I’d been unemployed for six months after getting out of the military and the impression that I got was that even though I had a wealth of practical experience, I was overqualified for the jobs that didn’t require a degree. It was demoralizing, and I wound up working a dead-end retail job that didn’t pay the bills until a few friends and family members gave me some tough love and told me to get my butt into school. So when it came time to look at internships, I felt that same twinge of fear – what if nobody wanted me? Continue reading “How I Got Here”

Rockets, interns, turkeys, and other desert wildlife

At the Promontory “rocket garden.” (Credit: Tom Evans/Orbital ATK.)

I got a chance to visit Promontory yesterday. As I’ve mentioned to my friends and family on Facebook, the desert is the perfect place to test out propulsion products that might massively explode if something goes wrong – and Promontory is out in the middle of nowhere, so it’s very well suited for this kind of testing.

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Week One Recap: Settling in!

This post is going to be a bit longer than I’d originally intended, mainly because this past week has been incredibly busy. Busy in a good way, but there hasn’t been a lot of time until now to catch my breath and write down what’s been going on.

Speaking of catching my breath… just my luck to move to Utah right at the start of a heat wave. I knew that the summer was going to be rough for me – I haven’t had to deal with dry heat since I was a kid living in central California, but even then, it wasn’t like this. It feels like I’m being smacked down onto the asphalt by an angry god each time I go out to my car at the end of work. ┬áBut I digress.

I left Spokane about a week ago. The trip was more or less uneventful and I won’t dwell too much on it here except to say that while I-90 eastbound through the Idaho panhandle is beautiful, it would’ve been nicer not to attempt those curves and mountain grades in a fully-packed compact SUV while trying not to hydroplane through all of that rainfall. But I made it safely and in one piece. Utah is stunning in its own way and I will appreciate it more when I’ve acclimatized in another week or two.

Now, on to what you probably want to hear more about… the first week of the internship! I’ll tell the story of how I got this internship in another post because it deserves some space of its own. But now that I’ve been on the job for a week I can say that I’m really happy that I mustered up the courage to apply.

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